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Foreword by David P. Norton


How Dynamic Balanced Scorecards Transform Decision Making, Speed and Effectiveness


In a world of rapid and unpredictable change, the problem with strategic planning is that if you follow your plan through to the end, you will get exactly what you used to want.

What you need is a framework for planning and implementing a strategy that is agile enough to adapt to a dynamic environment but focused enough to deliver. That framework is the Dynamic Balanced Scorecard.

The original Balanced Scorecard system has proven the most popular, successful and enduring framework for strategy execution over the last 25 years. Comprising a Strategy Map and a scorecard of KPIs, targets and initiatives, the framework helped organizations distil a strategy into actionable components and measure progress towards a strategic vision, while also implementing and monitoring the actions that drove change.

However, for all its success, the Balanced Scorecard system now needs to evolve for the digital age. Until now, building the system, rolling it out enterprise-wide and adapting it to external changes has been a lengthy process. While the fundamental principles of the system are still sound and relevant, it needs to become nimbler and more responsive.

The book provides a step-by-step guide to agile strategy management: from formulation to implementation to learning and adapting. For each of the steps, the book explains how Dynamic Balanced Scorecards, fit for the digital age, are built and deployed.


“Changing roles from Balanced Scorecard historian to Balanced Scorecard futurist, the authors inventory the issues that must be integrated into the management systems of the future. They are to be commended for the audacity of their undertaking and for the reach of their results. The revolution continues.”

—Dr David P. Norton, co-creator of the Balanced Scorecard and co-founder of the Palladium Group, Inc.

“What worked in the past might not work in a future that is being shaped and constantly reshaped by game-changers such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Advanced Data Analytics. That does not mean we discard all that we have learned. This excellent work by Wiraeus and Creelman clearly explains how the management of strategy must evolve to be of relevance in the digital era. Strategy Management must become more agile and adaptive and Strategy Maps and Scorecards repositioned as tools for analytics, rather than simply for communication and reporting. A must-read for those that wish to lead 21st century organizations.”

—Bernard Marr, international best-selling author and keynote speaker, Founder and CEO of Bernard Marr & Co.

“Using the Balanced Scorecard as much as a tool for analytics as for alignment and communication, management systems will be transformed, the speed and dynamics of decision-making will increase, and culture will be better understood. Collectively, this will improve the performance of people and organizations.”

—Peter Muijrers, former advisor to the H.E. the Minister, Consultant Management Affairs, Ministry of Works, Bahrain

“If you’ve ever wondered whether the Balanced Scorecard is out of date, this book is for you. Wiraeus and Creelman have tackled this topic head on and show us that, with important evolutions, the Balanced Scorecard is more relevant and powerful than ever before. Full of new insights and practical tips, this book gives strategists and business leaders a guide for using the next generation of Balanced Scorecard to maximize their organization’s results in the digital era – and beyond.”

—Sandy Richardson, CEO, Collaborative Strategy

“There are many pretenders but, and building upon a long-standing and in-depth knowledge of the Balanced Scorecard, Wiraeus and Creelman ensure that the integrity of the core principles of the system are highlighted, evidenced and enriched within the context of the emergent digital-era. An invaluable addition to the Balanced Scorecard literature!”

—Dr Jacki McCartney, Organisation Development Director, Syat